The red tree


Finished tree, detail,  plus stages 1, 2 and 3


Les Impromptus


I am delighted to participate in Les Impromptus at La Moutardière on Saturday 23 July from 18.00 hours onwards, where I shall exhibit paintings inspired by my frequent stays in SW France. La Moutardière is a restored farm in the countryside on the edge of Caussade (82), dating back to the18th Century.

Maryvonne Constant is the enthousiastic driving force behind the cultural activities taking place there throughout the year. These include art classes, ateliers for artists, art residencies, and exhibitions and once a year Les Impromptus, a showcase of local, national and international artists. Participation in Les Impromptus is by invitation and I was so pleased to be included in this year’s event. This year’s artists, will exhibit their paintings, sculptures and installations in the restored barn, the old stables, a tower and of course, the extensive garden. The exhibition runs from  23 July till 8 August. I shall be posting photos as and when they are available. Watch this space.

French Fields

Spending a a good deal of my life each year in France, it is about time I post some photos of everyday things that interest me. It won’t be very structured, more of a hotch-potch.


Autumn indeed


Looking forward to returning to Najac ‘Le Paradis’, seeing the autumn colours and  going for misty early morning walks


Autumn has come early this year.  Leaves are turning colour and falling. Grapes are darkening while August has only just begun.


Encounter with a day-glow caterpillar, discovering a witches-ring of field mushrooms and early morning mist drops on foliage – it all happens on an early morning walk


Historic moment – Emptying the fosse septique, 20 years of ….


Sunday morning market in SW France


At La Boriette it’s a case of ‘Want not, waste not’