Entre Realite et Invention – – exhibition Najac May 2011


One of the most endearing things during our exhibition was the visit of two groups of local schoolchildren. One group of 8-10 yr olds and later another of 5-7 I guess. They came to change their library books and for a story. As the gallery is attached to the ‘bibliothèque’, instead of being told a story, they were invited to make up their own stories by visiting our exhibition and asking questions from the teacher and the artist (me). I was very impressed by their questions and the way they expressed themselves. They really ‘looked’ at the work and responded either very positively or negatively to the work. Their responses were well argued; very refreshing from children attending a small school in a tiny village in SW France. I wonder how many schoolchildren of similar ages in UK would be given the chance of visiting a contemporary art exhibition in their local gallery?